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Village Baby

Painted Petals Swaddle Blanket

Painted Petals Swaddle Blanket

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Super large, extremely soft and extra stretchy, this swaddle blanket wraps baby up snug and secure while still allowing just enough wiggle room to not feel restricted! Soft material that is stretchy, breathable and perfect for sensitive baby skin. Extra large size makes it perfect as a receiving blanket or a toddler security blanket. Light weight and breathable for both summer and winter use. Snug fit calms baby, prepares them for sleep, and helps them stay asleep. Beautiful one of a kind pattern, designed by Village Baby. Created by moms, for moms.

Sized 46 in x 46 in (117 cm x 117 cm). We recommend washing the swaddle before use. For best results, wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. Gentle care will extend the life and look of the blanket.

62% Polyester, 33% Viscose, 5% Elastane

Made in United States of America

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